Training set "Basic"

"Basic" set - will allow you to start training flight positions, transits, movements, rotations. Can be used with all models, ceilings and frames.

How it works

Consist of eight "Wind lines" of adjustable strength and special "Wind saddles":

1) Suspension system

  • Ropes:
8 adjustment ropes for control blocks (short)
4 adjustment ropes for control blocks (long)

  • Blocks and carabiners:
8 control blocks
16/32 carabiners (depends type of ceiling/frame)

  • Body blankets:
6 hanging blankets for body parts
2 hanging blankets for torso

  • Resistance bands:
32 different types of resistance bands

2) Support system:

  • Body supports:
12 floor pillows

1 head down chair

Area requirements:

  • Сeiling height:
minimal height: 2.5 meters (8,2 ft)
recommend height: 3.3 meters (11 ft)

  • Floor space:
minimal square:
2.3 meters (8 ft) long - 2.3 meters (8 ft) wide
recommend square:
3.3 meters (11 ft) long - 3.3 meters (11 ft) wide

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