For Coaches

Suppose you are teaching people how to control the body in a vertical air flow in windtunnel or when you do skydiving.

Just imagine how much time is spent trying to explain which leg or arm to move where and when to perform transit or move or keeping the flight position.
To explain this is half the case, it is important that the student understands this and begins to perform.

Better to send a student to bodyflying machines, conduct a sufficient amount of training and release the already prepared body into the airflow.

Where to place the BDFM:

- Rent an area in a convenient location
- Agree on placement on the territory of Dropzones
- To arrange accommodation on the territory of Windtunnel
- Arrange accommodation in a sport club

Depending on the model (some kits can fit in the trunk of a car), you can transport a fitness kit from place to place and organize training in different locations.

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